Friday, October 31, 2008

New Blog Title

I thought I would take a minute to explain the new, maybe permanent, blog title. I was listening to a cd by Claude and Lana Hamilton called 'Toughen Up' (Team 453). If you are familiar with their talks you won't be surprised by the title. They are straight talkers to the max. And, if you know me you won't be surprises by how much I like that. They are giants in our industry. Well Lana told a story about how her personal trainer inspired her to join a fitness competition. She started working on that goal and life happened and she let it go. But it haunted her that she had given up. This is a woman who is a winner. She has her life in order and has accomplished a lot in her life. And yet she couldn't let go of the fact that she had given up on something that she had committed to; even thought it was a non-consequential thing. That is the definition of a winner in my book. I want to be more like her.

Anyway, back on the main road, she decided, if I remember right, a year later to re-enter the competition. And she knew there would be times during her training for this competition that she would want to quit. So, she wrote herself a note that said WHEN YOUR ARE WEAK...READ THIS. This note told her that she was strong and reminded her of the vision she had that prompted her to enter the competition in the first place. And that note gave her enough courage to chase the dream and reach her goal. And she made it.

That is what the entries in this blog are for me. I was reading through my few posts and thinking what was the overall theme. And I realized that all the things I have included here are nuggets that help me stay the course and not give up. And I am grateful to have them all in one place so I can remember the things that touched me and helped me stay in the game.

So, whatever dream you are chasing I hope these thoughts help you too!!!! ;)

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Clancy in Idaho said...

Awesome! Thanks for the story. You are always inspiring on your posts. Love ya!